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Adjusting your energy level has never been so easy. This may be the only time we suggest dosing yourself ;) Go for it!
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Thinking where to start?

Mix 500ml of water with 2 level tablespoons (100gr of our Yuït Powders). If you use our Yuïtera for this, even better! Otherwise, any mixer will do.

And from there… unleash your creativity! You can adjust the density of the mixture by adding more or less water, add milk, coffee, chocolate... All yours!

2 level tablespoons are 100 gr of our powder formula. This serving contains the nutritional equivalent (EFSA) of a full meal and much more! The best mix of vitamins and minerals on the market, natural probiotics with the best technical results, multifunctional superfoods such as kombucha, omega 3, B12... And you can always adjust the dose based on your needs or lifestyle.

Good luck, Yuïter!

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