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1kg bag of Yuït Powders vegetable flavor. 1 kg = 10 MEALS (€3.80/meal)
With top quality vegetables: onion, leek, garlic and carrot from surplus harvests, so in this way we together contribute to reducing food waste. Thank you! In addition, we include spirulina as a natural colouring, a restorative and energizing algae that will increase your defenses.
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You never understand people who talk about a “sweet stomach”. You want to satisfy yourself with salty, healthy and natural food but you don't have time to cook, store, heat... Big Leek is the perfect solution for you. Plus, you're going to love it. Really. Delicious.

With top quality vegetables: onion, leek, garlic and carrot from crop surpluses, so in this way we contribute together to reduce food waste. Thank you!

In addition, we include spirulina as a natural colorant restorative seaweed and energise that will increase your defenses.

Take advantage! 

How to prepare them

Simply mix in your Yuïtera 500ml of water with 2 tablespoons of Yuit powders (100gr). TRICK: First the water and then the Yuït powders for a better dissolution.

Find out more details about how to prepare it here. with your order, we give you the Yuïtera and the measuring spoon for its preparation. 

And if at any given moment you come up with... creativity to power! You can adjust the quantities and adjust the density by adding more or less water, some people prefer to use milk or vegetable drinks instead of water (or fifty fifty!), add cocoa or their favourite seeds... It's up to you! 


Each Yuït preparation supposes to comply with 100% of the nutritional parameters recommended by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for 1 MEAL, this way you can take a food plain and simple PERFECT! Our envelope is 1Kg. and in it you will find the amount equivalent to 10 MEALS. In any case, we are not all the same, so you can feel free to adapt the portion to your vital needs.

Check here the ingredients list that make up the Yuït powders and here are complete nutritional profile.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Maite N.M.

Todos los sabores buenísimos

Helena B.M.


Esther R.G.

Muy bueno

Aida N.M.
Grata sorpresa

Esta muy bueno, y las semillas se notan son ser desagradable. Savia mucho


Por fin sustitutos de comida salados y saludables, yo les añado unas especias para que cada dia sepa difernete y me los sirvo como si fuera una cremita de verduras

Descubre qué contiene una COMIDA PERFECTA

34gr de proteinas vegetales

Cada comida contiene 34g de proteínas de la máxima calidad obtenidas a través de ingredientes 100% vegetales.

31 vitaminas y minerales

Incluimos todos los micronutrientes esenciales que tu cuerpo necesita. ¡No se nos ha escapado ni uno!

+ Probióticos

Déjanos ayudarte a cuidar y mejorar tu sistema inmunológico y flora intestinal.

El mejor sabor

GARANTIZADO. Si no te gusta nos lo devuelves, sin rencores ;)

Bajo en azúcar

Sin azúcares añadidos. Únicamente el que proviene naturalmente de los ingredientes vegetales utilizados.

Sin Gluten

Todas nuestras formulaciones e ingredientes son Gluten Free.


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