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7 #YUÏTIPS for your vacation, TAKE NOTE!

We hope you are not thinking for a second! in loitering at home all summer, saying you're exhausted from working all year. Life is to be lived, and vacations... to be enjoyed to the fullest!

Do not forget that it is extremely necessary that we remain active and that we also take care of our health during these days. The body is our most important machine to function and it is very important to have it at 💯%. 

Also, if you stay in shape during this period, without a doubt, getting back to your routine will be a much easier task than you imagine, both for your body and for your mind. 


For this reason, we offer you 7 #YUÏTIPS for an active and healthy vacation:

1º YUÏTIP: Plan outdoor activities 🏄‍♀️🚴‍♀️🤸🏊‍♂️ with your family, friends or partner taking advantage of the good weather: hiking trails, water sports such as diving, kayaking, surfing, paddle surfing... bike rides, or walking to watching the beautiful sunsets, climbing, a game of volleyball on the beach, a skate race, etc.

For more summer sports ideas, check out these links!: healthy-summer-sports ten-best-sports-practice-summer-88516.html


2º YUÏTIP: Visiting new places 🌆, don't just lie on the pool towel. There are a thousand places out there to discover 🔍, with magnificent stories and super interesting buildings or monuments. Get educated, and, above all, don't stay still!

Discover these Instagram accounts that can inspire you to choose your 2023 destination!

learning by traveling travel_you travelerspirates mamasviajeras youwhotravel



3º YUÏTIP: Organize a picnic 🍴 in the countryside or on the beach 🏝. Is there a better way to enjoy a beautiful sunny day than to spend a whole day with your loved ones eating delicious food outdoors? You can also carry out activities such as playing card games and ludo or end up telling interesting stories about each one of you. Don't forget that our Yuït bars 🍫 are perfect companions for this type of plan😎

Look what ideas of places for your picnic! 💡 the-best-places-to-have-a-picnic


4º YUÏTIP: Do yourself a favor and… disconnect! 🧠 Mental health is just as important as physics. Our brain also has to rest from the annual stress of work 💼 and homework, so don't even think about thinking about work or what you have to do when you get back...! We work hard all year to be able to enjoy the holidays calmly, there is time for all Yuïter.

Keys to take care of mental health in summer: keys-care-mental-health-summer-68868855.html


5º YUTIP: Dancing 🕺... is playing sports, right? 🤭 So… have a good party 🥂, laugh with your friends and move to the rhythm of the best summer songs until dawn. Is there anything better than a summerparty? ☀🥳

Best festivals 2023: https://www.bilbaobbklive.com/es/ mad cool 2023 Medusa Festival https://vivelatino.es/ https://www.arenalsound.com/


6º YUÏTIP: We know that this tip is very obvious... BUT we must remember it. Hydrate 💦 very often. Drinking 🚰 a lot of fluids in summer is essential to keep the body healthy 💚 and, for example, not to fall into low blood pressure or fainting. In addition, it will keep your skin much more beautiful and hydrated. hydration-in-the-summer


7º YUÏTIP: Get started with some madness! 🤪 Something different and exciting like... VIVAC. Let's see... what is that? Well, basically, sleeping outdoors. Yes, yes, as you hear it. Choose a nice mountain that you like and sleep at ground level, without installing roofs, or tents or anything. Dare to live it and experience this unique sensation!

Go directly to this link, it will help you! bivouac


🛫Will you take us in the suitcase?👜





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