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VEGAN Friendlÿ

The basis of Yuït is only of plant origin, that is, none of the ingredients of which it is composed come from animals.

-Why does YUÏT make this decision to be 100% vegetal?🌱

The main reason why this is so is related to our objective of improve life of the maximum number of people possible, thanks to our easy and practical way of eating, therefore, we created a meal that could be included in most possible diets.

-In addition to thinking about the entire community... there are also other relevant factors... 🛎️

It is common to believe that vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians And so many other diets there are, are followed by personal preferences, family influences, religious reasons, certain beliefs, animalistic perspectives or health reasons. All this is true in many cases, but a very important reason is missed, an argument that is becoming more prevalent every day: The sustainability.

-How sustainable is it to have a vegan diet? ♻️

The agricultural sector is responsible for a good part of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, directly contributing to climate change, and around 2/3 of these emissions are purely from livestock activities. In other words, reduce consumption of meat and animal products, will result in a reduction in production, therefore, a decrease in livestock activities, and finally a less impact on climate change

-Is this type of diet enough for the human body? 🤔

About what surrounds the controversy about diets without foods derived from animals... The great problem of obtaining necessary nutrients through these diets has always been discussed, especially protein and vitamina B12.

The vegetables They're a immense proportion of our essential nutrition every day, so it is already known that they have the necessary nutrients for adequate nutrition in humans. Meat helps us obtain our protein ratio, along with other macro and micronutrients, but this does not mean that there are no other protein sources that can satisfy our needs too. There is a very wide variety of plant foods with very high protein contents and with a complete amino acid profile, so this wouldn't be a problem.

On the other hand, it is a fact that vitamin B12 is obtained from products of animal origin, so many people who follow this type of diet need to take supplements. However, with Yuït this is not necessary. Yuït takes into account all the needs of the human body and brings them all together in a single source. There is no need to buy supplements or fortified foods, contains everything the body needs in each meal and in just the right amount.

-The difficulty of finding and buying vegan products 💸

There is a frustration related to the fact that it means buying specific products, difficult to find, difficult to afford, in order to eat the way you want, think and/or feel. It is for this reason that our main purpose has always been, and will be, to facilitate access to a healthy way of eating. With our Powders and Bars you can ensure a healthy, complete and balanced diet, whatever lifestyle you lead, whatever dietary preferences you have. Yuït It is inclusive and sustainable.

-Solution? YUÏT, as always 👼🏽

Yuït is SmartFood, as we have talked about on other occasions, so its principle is a more sustainable diet, in addition to being healthy and affordable. With the ingredients used to manufacture the products, we support all diets, whatever they may be, providing all the average needs and at the same time, we collaborate to reduce global warming from the food industry.

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