Para cuidar de tu SALUD MENTAL, comienza por cuidar de tu ALIMENTACIÓN. - Yuït

To take care of your MENTAL HEALTH, start by taking care of your FOOD.

In recent years, many studies have been carried out that have confirmed the correlation between diet and the mental health. A poor or unhealthy diet has been linked to depression and anxiety. The intestinal microbiota is essential for the development and functioning of the immune system, and it has now been discovered that it can affect people's mood.

They have also been investigated mechanisms of depression in the brain-gastrointestinal axis. Alterations in the microbiota intestinal result in immune activation, and this could lead to the generation of various types of psychiatric symptoms. After several studies carried out on humans, a smaller population of certain probiotics (good bacteria) in people with depression. Additionally, a study at Harvard showed that women who eat large amounts of inflammatory products (white flour, saturated and trans fats, sugary drinks, etc.), had an almost 50% greater risk of suffering from depression.

At the moment, much evidence throughout history has agreed that there is a bidirectional correlation. Your diet affects your mood and vice versa. Therefore, it is being proposed as a possible “remedy” for patients with depression. modify your diet, for example, consuming more fiber, healthy fats, foods high in oxidants, vitamins and minerals (chocolate, fruits, vegetables, etc.), along with other conventional remedies. A saying has always been said "You are what you eat" and a lot of truth, because apart from the fact that you get the nutrients that make up your body and give you energy to function from food, you also change your mood.

It is very necessary to take care of our stomach, since it is known that approximately 90% of serotonin, a hormone that plays a fundamental role in digestion, regulating moods, controlling body temperature, affecting lividity and numerous other things, occurs in the intestine

Where does YUÏT take part in all this? The vitamins D, E and C help largely to reduce inflammation levels of our body; which is directly related ↔️ to suffering mental diseases. Therefore, taking care of mental health can begin with the simple step of maintain a nutritious diet and include foods that contain these important vitamins, such as, for example, Yuït meals, since each portion includes more than 30 vitamins and minerals

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