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But WHAT is this about the famous SMART FOOD!?


What is this Smart Food?

Smart food, or "smart food", is an emerging trend in the world of food that focuses on nutritional innovation. It consists of the development and promotion of foods and beverages that provide great benefits for health and well-being, in addition to nourishing the body. These foods are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other compounds that can have positive health effects, such as improving digestion, increasing energy or strengthening the immune system. It would be very difficult to achieve the nutritional excellence of Smart food through traditional diet!

What does Smart food have to do with food substitutes?

While food substitutes are products designed to replace complete meals and are often low in calories, smart food focuses on, using natural foods, enriching the everyday diet by enhancing all its nutritional benefits. Instead of replacing meals, smart foods are the basis of the diet, helping to fill possible nutritional deficiencies and improve the quality of the diet, making it incredibly complete. That is why we never tire of saying that Yuït is NOT a substitute, but rather a clear example of Smart food.

When and how can I take it?

Smart foods can be incorporated into the daily diet in various ways. They can be consumed as healthy snacks, included in main dishes or as ingredients in shakes and smoothies. The key is to select foods that provide specific benefits for your health and well-being, and that fit your dietary needs. There are a thousand possibilities! We are constantly asked what is the limit of eating in this healthy way? Instead of asking yourself, what about not eating properly? Curious right?

How does it contribute to waste and climate change?

Smart food is also related to sustainability. By selecting foods of high nutritional quality, you can reduce food waste by focusing on fresh, natural ingredients. Additionally, many of these foods are produced sustainably, which helps minimize environmental impact.

By choosing smart foods, you promote more efficient and ecological food production. These foods tend to be fresher and local, which decreases the carbon footprint associated with transporting products long distances. In addition, the promotion of natural and unprocessed ingredients can decrease the demand for ultra-processed foods, which are often related to greater resource consumption and greater waste generation.

Summary of this wonderful and innovative option:

In short, smart food is a trend that seeks to apply innovation to improve health and well-being through nutrient-rich foods, while contributing to sustainability and reducing food waste. By incorporating these foods into your diet, you can enjoy healthier eating and support a more sustainable approach. /strong> towards the production and consumption of food.

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