Ana, un ejemplo real de cómo compaginar la comida tradicional con tus momentos Yuït - Yuït

Ana, a real example of how to combine traditional food with your Yuït moments

I'm Ana, a student, worker and... addicted to social life!

Every morning, I get up to go to work. I love planning my weekly agenda combining my plans on a personal and professional level. Many times, when I leave the office, I go directly to have a drink or dinner. That is why, during midday, I don't like to spend a lot of time going out to eat. If I don't take a very long break, I can leave earlier. Thus, I have time to go to the gym and then attend to my personal plans.


I love eat. I think it's one of life's greatest pleasures. Going out to dinner with friends: one of the most fun plans, and cooking with the family: the best way to connect. I wouldn't replace those moments with anything.

For these reasons, I like to combine both aspects of my life: productivity and fun. And how I do it? Easy! Taking stock. Half of my day is spent in a scheduled, efficient manner. The other half I let myself go and enjoy it without limits. It is for all this that I include Yuït from Monday to Friday.

Easy, I get up in the morning, I prepare my Yuït bag and I alternate the products depending on the day of the week we are on. Monday and Tuesday, I usually take powdered shakes with my shaker or ready to drink, and the rest of the week I alternate between bars, snacks and shakes. The truth is that I like the fact that I can alternate and choose what I want to eat every day. With all the flavors and options out there, I don't have a hard time finding variety and I don't find it boring at all.

The good thing is that I don't take lunch breaks in the office, I just prepare my shake in a couple of minutes, or take the bars out of my backpack in a few seconds. While doing tasks, I eat gradually. The truth is that I save a lot of time and money, because I don't have to cook the night before or eat my head to see how I eat correctly without spending a lot of money and taking time away from my leisure. I am not going to go to a restaurant and sit down to eat full milk and not be able to really enjoy myself.

The times I really enjoy are when I finish work, use time for my hobbies and then go have fun with colleagues. That's when we sit down to enjoy a nice dinner without worrying about a thing. After all, what is a dinner without after-dinner?

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