10 ideas para regalar en San Valentín - Yuït

10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day

And February arrived, the month of love par excellence

How many of you are thinking about what to give your partner and can't find the answer? At Yuït we believe that the best thing we can give is our time. ­


Making plans together and enjoying the moment is what we most want! That is why today we bring you 10 options to surprise your special person:


  1. A weekend in the snow.
  2. Enjoy nature with a hiking trail.
  3. Take your tent, sleeping bag and spend a night under the stars.
  4. Go back to that special city where you had such good times.
  5. Do you like adventure and feel the adrenaline? Dare to do bungee jumping or parachute together.
  6. An intense day of shopping in your city.
  7. Spend a pleasant time in the sea doing a kayak route.
  8. Express trip to a European city you have never been to.
  9. A bike ride together.
  10. A sunset with incredible views.

And the ideal complement to all these plans: Yuït! Because with these proposals you will not have time for anything other than taking care of yourself and giving free rein to your love.

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