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Make the most of your free time

Yuït has a unique formula of natural ingredients with all the essential nutrients and a few extras! to help you eat quickly, ethically and healthily.

100% complete and balanced nutrition.


Back and forth?

We provide your body with all the necessary energy and nutrients equivalent to 1 full meal, so you can continue with what really makes you happy! 

  • 100% plant-based ingredients and proteins.
  • Vitamin and mineral boost: 26, voilà.
  • Probiotics for your defenses.
  • Real food and premium ingredients presented in innovative formats, that's all.
  • No GMOs, no artificial colors, no gluten, no added sugar... nothing else!
  • One dose of Yuït includes a perfect balance of all the nutrients needed for 1 intake.
  • Energy for your daily life and time for you.
  • 100 gr of Yuït Powders or 1 Yuït bar means ingesting 100% of the nutrients considered by EFSA as the ideally perfect food.

¿Family? ¿Friends?
¿Something to celebrate?
Leave Yuït for another time!

Identify your Yuït moments.

Eating is a huge pleasure that we should enjoy, savor and share, but sometimes it is also a mere formality for which we must be creative and think of solutions of less effort and better performance, adapted to our lifestyle.

In our case, we decided not to resign ourselves and dedicate the time we previously spent on unsatisfactory meals to everything that makes us happy, open our minds and break the incessant wheel of foresee - buy - cook - eat.

List the unsatisfactory meals in your daily life, the time and effort you dedicate to them, add them up and think about what you would like to dedicate it to. It's tempting, isn't it? It's a lot and it's scary! But don't worry, it's nothing more and nothing less than taking control of your life, deciding on which pillars it is based and challenging old paradigms.


¿Family? ¿Friends?
¿Something to celebrate?
Leave Yuït for another time!

Identifica tus momentos Yuït.

Comer es un enorme placer que debemos disfrutar, saborear y compartir, pero en ocasiones es también un mero trámite para el que debemos ser creativos y pensar en soluciones de menor esfuerzo y mejor rendimiento, adaptadas a nuestro estilo de vida.

En nuestro caso, decidimos no resignarnos y dedicar el tiempo que anteriormente dedicábamos a comidas no satisfactorias a todo aquello que nos hace feliz, abrir la mente y romper la rueda incesante del prever – comprar – cocinar - comer.

Lista las comidas no satisfactorias de tu día a día, el tiempo y esfuerzo que le dedicas, súmalo y piensa a qué te gustaría dedicarlo. Tentador ¿verdad? ¡Es mucho y asusta! Pero tranquilo, se trata ni más ni menos que de tomar las riendas de tu vida, decidir en qué pilares se sustenta y retar a viejos paradigmas.

Why Yuït?

1 nutritionally perfect meal

Proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, fiber... All our products have the utopian nutritional table recommended by EFSA as 1 ideal meal.

100% vegetable ingredients

We do not use animal products.
of animal origin. None. Zero.

Sustainability and ethics

Our CSR policy establishes clear guidelines regarding what you are buying and what values you are contributing to with your purchase.


No more shopping, washing up and cooking.
The food of the future is here!


A complete and nutritionally perfect meal from only 2,64€.


Forget about complicated recipes
and enjoy your time.


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