Si no te gusta, nos los devuelves. Sin rencor ;) - Yuït

If you don't like it, you return it to us. No grudges ;)

In blind tastings, Yuït has been chosen by 100% of consumers (yes, you heard that right, 100%) as the best flavor on the market. 

We want you to join the wave of taking care of yourself effortlessly, without sacrifices, so We activated something unthinkable in the food sector: If you think that Yuït is not the best flavor, you can return the product to us. No added costs, no rancor ;) In that case. We will only take a few minutes of your time to give us the feedback. 


If you have tried any powdered shake solution you will have realized that the taste is not the most attractive. In the best of cases, they are "healthy" products (although not complete) but not rich: they taste too much like sweetener, they have a certain chemical aftertaste... At Yuït we work with natural aromas and this is part of the secret that our flavor is the best valued, by far, by our customers. We also incorporate ingredients such as mango juice, blueberry pieces or organic coconut flakes, depending on the variety. 

We have come a long way at the product development level to be able to offer complete food, with vitamins and minerals, inclusive (gluten-free, allergen-free) and also... be rich! Each flavor has been worked with great care so that, in addition to taking care of yourself, you can enjoy your Yuït moment.

Well, consult our complete return policy here

We are waiting for you, Yuiter!

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