¿No te decides? - Yuït

Can't you decide?

Yes, it can be an arduous task to choose which flavors to include in your pack, right? Well don't worry! We provide you with a few tips to help you choose the flavor that best suits your personality, voilà!



Black & White

If you miss going to the fair like in your childhood, getting on the Ferris wheel, seeing the lights and buying a coconut, feeling its taste and the bits in your mouth... this is your flavor! Finally a powder with coconut pieces to be able to chew them while enjoying a complete 100% natural and healthy meal!


Pumping Coffee

You don't forgive coffee in the morning, or at lunch, or after lunch... you can't do without a good coffee! And it is not because of the effect of caffeine, it is that the taste of coffee is one of the best things in your day to day. And of life. And the world, probably.


Caribbean Good Luck

You still haven't unpacked when you're back from vacation and you're already counting the days to return to the beach. Teleport yourself to the Caribbean with this powder!


Nili Vanilla

Your favorite movie is Casablanca, you write with a blue Bic pen and your favorite ice cream is vanilla. What you like are the classics! With the Nili Vanilla flavored powder you will have the usual classics while enjoying a complete 100% natural and healthy meal.


Choco Shower

You love to eat a piece of chocolate after eating, it's your guilty pleasure. Now imagine that you can have a complete 100% natural and healthy meal WITH CHOCOLATE FLAVOR. Say goodbye to guilt!


Big Leek

You never understand people who talk about a “sweet stomach”. You want to satisfy yourself with salty, healthy and natural food but you don't have time to cook, store, heat... Big Leek is the perfect solution for you. Plus, you're going to love it. Really. Delicious.


Cherry & Berry

The mountain is your thing. You love all the ritual that goes into the countryside: put on good boots, sunscreen, cool water and spend the day there. The downside is preparing a healthy meal to carry through the morning. Cherry & Berry is perfect for you!

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