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Yuït, the food of the future to enjoy

It is increasingly common for everyday life to overwhelm us: from home to work, from work to the gym, from the gym to meeting friends and back home. When we get home, the last thing we feel like doing is often preparing dinner and making batch cooking for the week. Yuït emerges from this maelstrom: the food of the future.



Why is Yuït the food of the future?

Yuït was born from the need to stop for a moment to enjoy life without giving up the good taste of food or a healthy and balanced diet. What is Yuït about? Super simple! Yuït is Smart Food (smart food): 100% real food in a different format (powder or bars), suitable for vegan consumption and with all the necessary nutrients for a complete meal according to EFSA.

How can it be a complete meal?

It is not an easy job. The first months, in which Yuït was barely crawling, consisted of searching for the perfect formula: a complete mix of vitamins and minerals, 100% of vegetable origin, gluten free and committed to the environment.

Thanks to AZTI's experience in healthy and sustainable eating, Yuït Powders were born, the first Yuït product, a different concept of food that can be combined with traditional food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But… a full meal, how many? According to the EFSA, an adult person has to eat 5 meals a day, but many times we do not have time to make or prepare them. For those days there is Yuït, a complete meal of those 5 (in case you want to eat Yuït as snack it would be as easy as serving half a portion and that's it!

5 reasons to take the plunge and become a Yuïter

Taking the step to become a Yuïter is an important step in your life and, like all other decisions, it should not be done blindly. That is why here we present five compelling arguments for incorporating Yuït into your life and becoming Yuïter:

  1. You will make 100% use of your time. Thanks to Yuït's food in convenient formats, you can save yourself all the time it takes to prepare a meal: buy, cut, cook, etc. It's time to enjoy!
  2. Eat local. Yuït products are made and produced in Spain and we try to ensure that the origin of the ingredients is as close as possible.
  3. Do it responsibly. We try to make all possible ingredients from harvest surpluses (that tasty leek has all its nutrients intact but was going to be thrown away), our packaging is recyclable and we have a social responsibility plan that we want to share with you.
  4. Enjoy a 100% plant-based diet. Does this mean that if I don't follow a vegan diet I can't consume them? Not at all! Yuït products are designed for everyone, being 100% plant-based!
  5. Carry out a healthy diet. Yuït Powders are equivalent to a nutritionally complete meal according to EFSA standards.

Remember that Yuït is designed to be combined with other meals, it is NOT a meal replacement nor is it slimming, it simply works for those days when we want to enjoy our time without giving up a healthy life and a good taste.

Dare to take the step! Become a Yuiter!

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