Con YUÏT es SUFICIENTE. La infalible fuente de Proteínas, Vitaminas y Minerales. - Yuït

With YUÏT it is ENOUGH. The infallible source of Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals.

If you still have doubts 🤔 whether one serving of Yuït is enough... Read this carefully, it will surprise you! 😏


1. Each serving of Yuït Powders (100gr) contains 35gr of protein and you taking supplementation aside... really?😏 

As you can see from the ingredient lists, our products contain various protein sources: oats, pea protein, rice protein, etc. This is so that, in addition to having a high protein content, the food provides an ideal amino acid profile. These are the constituents of proteins, and there are 9 that are essential (this means that we need to obtain them through the diet because our body does not synthesize them). The combination of different sources in our products allows us to obtain an excellent profile, so that the essential and even the non-essential ones are obtained, which we also need, but in much smaller quantities. 


2. Do you also take vitamin C, vitamin B...? Hey! ⚠️ That Yuït includes the complete set of vitamins in its formula! 🧬

Our products contain a complete list of vitamins and minerals in quantities consistent with the standards for each meal. Vitamin deficiencies are very common, especially many incidents of vitamin deficiency are known worldwide. vitamin C, which results in scurvy, vitamin D, which causes serious bone problems, and vitamin A, which is essential to maintain good vision.  

In itself, it is difficult to maintain a daily diet that provides appropriate amounts of each vitamin and mineral. It is much more common to present deficits in any of these micronutrients than you think. For this reason, in our products we ensure the incorporation of all of them in adequate quantities, and they do not have to worry about the product being vegan, the vitamina b12 It is also included in that extensive list, there are no exceptions! 


3. And if you tell us 🤐 that you also take probiotics... Kill me now! 🗡️

Do we really know what they are? The probiotics They are microorganisms good for human digestion. They live in our intestines and help us assimilate nutrients and keep everything in balance. With a healthy and balanced diet, these should live happily in symbiosis. 

However, sometimes we suffer from population imbalances for various reasons, for example due to stress or taking antibiotics to cure an infection. So, it doesn't hurt to have external support, and it is also important to reinforce the microbiota through diet. Our products provide one of the most studied yeasts with respect to probiotics in the world, Saccharomyces Boulardii. It has been shown that this has many beneficial properties 

On the other hand, probiotics are nothing without prebiotics, but this is not a problem in Yuït. Prebiotics are non-digestible foods that stimulate the growth and/or activity of good microorganisms in our body which, consequently, provides health benefits. That is, they are necessary to maintain good bacteria of our digestive tract. Our foods also contain them, in the form of fiber, carbohydrates, and much more. 


Therefore, Yuïter... if you eat our meals, it will not be necessary for you to include any supplementation in your diet; We offer all the nutritional profile your body needs to stay healthy and energetic. 

Choose YUÏT 🌱 and stop worrying about extras! We give it to you EVERYTHING🌍

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