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Entering the premium

What ingredients do we use?

All our powders share a common base of ingredients like gluten-free oat flour, pea protein, golden flax, extra virgin olive oil, acerola, kombucha, probiotics…and many more! Each one of them contributes to our formula its own functionalities that make our Yuït Powders a nutritionally perfect meal. Can you imagine combining more than 20 superfoods in the same dish? Well voila!

And we've only used the best ingredients on the market.

What differentiates each one of them is their flavor and texture, and we achieve this by incorporating additional ingredients into the set: vegetable mix, dehydrated coconut, blueberries, mango juice... but the common base is what guarantees that Yuït powders They are a complete meal, with all the necessary nutrients.

In addition, we are committed to always working with gluten-free ingredients and 100% plant-based formulations.

What properties do they have?

We work with ingredients that are not only tasty and nutritious, but also provide properties that help different areas of our body, making our diet healthy, complete and balanced, especially when we incorporate them together!

Did you know…?

Golden flax is rich in omega 3, with great anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant power and is a great help when it comes to satisfying hunger. Thanks to this, Yuït powders have the ability to satisfy you in the same way as a meal on a plate and, together with the rest of the ingredients, provide you with the same nutritional value.

Did you know…?

We use natural aromas that help us to give Yuït powders that good flavor that defines them, always being derived from plants and never synthetic or artificial.

Did you know…?

We always hear about probiotics as something essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, but what are their benefits? Probiotics optimize health beyond their nutritional contributions, in our case in a natural way, strengthening the immune system, helping to balance the intestinal flora, stimulating the production of vitamins and much more.

Did you know…?

Olive oil has been used in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. In addition to its flavor, it protects against inflammation, is an antioxidant, boosts the immune system, improves circulation, prevents mental deterioration, is capable of reducing cases of diabetes and regulating cholesterol, among others.

These, and each of the ingredients that make up our formulation have a mission and functionality in your body. It has never been so easy to eat a healthy diet.

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All yours! Not one more and not one less.

Why are they premium?

The ingredients of Yuït powders are Premium because we have worked very hard to make them so. We have selected the highest quality ingredients without skimping. Sparing nothing. Nothing at all.

They are inclusive ingredients: suitable for vegan consumption, 100% natural and gluten-free.

In addition, we have prioritized its proximity and, whenever possible, we incorporate crop production surpluses to help reduce food waste.

What makes us most proud?

Having achieved our dream: devising a new food format in line with our rhythm of life with which we can feed ourselves in a utopian way and also do so based on our principles and values.

If you are one of those who joins our adventure, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Go ahead, Yuiter!


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