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Mireia's experience with MACROBIOTIC FOOD!

A few weeks ago, Mireia Muñiz, CEO of Yuït, embarked on an experience that consisted of a spiritual retreat in the province of Valencia, exactly in the Sierra de Mariola.

It was there that the opportunity to try macrobiotic eating presented itself. She found it so interesting that, once the retreat was over, she decided to continue with the diet to see what changes were taking place in her body, both internally and externally.

Now that considerable time has passed, Mireia wanted to share her experience related to this diet and explain what it is based on and how it is working for her.


The macrobiotic diet is based on achieving balance (body, mind and soul) from the principles of Ying and Yang. The “ideal” foods are those that belong to the Yang part, even so, the ideology explains that, even if it is to a lesser extent, this first part must be counteracted with the Ying, and thus achieve the expected balance.

The Yang diet is based mainly on whole grains, seaweed, legumes or fish and shellfish. On the other hand, the Ying is based on certain foods of animal origin and derivatives, preservatives, processed foods, spices, some fruits and tubers.

It is a restrictive/limiting diet, there are some products that are prohibited, such as: red meat, sugars and dairy products. Other foods that are not completely canceled from the diet, but their consumption must be restricted are: eggs, fish and poultry.

As protagonists of this type of food, we find all the seasonal, local and above all organic products. The thought of this nutritional methodology is that "nature makes available to us what we need to feel good at the time and place in which we find ourselves".


Personal experience

In the personal case of Mireia, the changes that she has been able to perceive have been several. Here are some of them:

  1. General feeling of well-being. Much more energy when you wake up, which is also maintained throughout the day.
  2. Much lighter digestions; you can easily do any type of physical activity after eating.
  3. Significant improvement in concentration levels.
  4. Some weight loss.
  5. Slight appearance of acne the first few days, which has ended up disappearing.

She in particular, before starting macrobiotic food, was on a high-fat, sugar-free diet.

A very relevant fact that Mireia highlights is that the “starting point of each person” must be taken into account. Depending on your body, your previous habits and your entire situation in general, you will surely notice some changes or others. Each individual is different, therefore, the way in which the macrobiotic diet influences each one, too.

From Yuït, he encourages you to try this type of food and experience the benefits it offers. Channeling energies, achieving balance and above all, making people feel better is her main mission!

You can find the 2 complete videos of Mireia talking about the subject in our TikTok account: @yuit_es



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Personal experience 

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