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Is SUCRALOSE harmful for your health? DEBUTTING + myths

Sucralose is a alternative sweetener to conventional table sugar. It is true that sucralose is a molecule similar to sucrose (molecule corresponding to sugar) with chemical modifications. This molecule is a slightly modified version of sucrose, where two hydroxyl groups have been exchanged for two chlorines, in short. This may sound strange to many of you, which is why it is highly rejected by the public for being synthetic. Despite this, Sucralose is not an ingredient we should fear.

For many years there have been more than 100 studies of this molecule, and it is more than proven that it is suitable for human consumption. By presenting these modifications, this substance has been given an unnecessary bad name. However, it is approved for human consumption in more than 80 countries and at the European level. It has been declared non-toxic and safe for use in food products. Furthermore, the studies carried out to confirm the safety and compliance of this molecule were done with very high daily doses (up to 500 mg) for a long period of time to understand the effects it had on the health of consumers. These quantities have no point of comparison with the tiny amounts that contain most of the products in which it is applied (such as our Yuït powders). Our products contain less than 50 mg, so you would have to ingest 10 Yuït powders to compare your intake with those of the studies and, even so, it was proven that it did not cause any change in the health of the study subjects.

Getting approval for human consumption at the European level is not an easy task, it is highly controlled with many restrictions. Regulation in Europe is one of the best and strictest. So do you think they would approve sucralose for human consumption if it wasn't safe? We know not.

This ingredient was synthesized to be able to give the option of enjoy sweet flavors to people who are looking lower caloric intake in their diet, who have health problems caused by high glycemic indices, or simply people looking for alternatives. The modification makes it non-nutritive and non-caloric, so our body does not absorb it. This also occurs because the body does not break down this molecule and its components, so practically It comes out just as it came in and has not produced or undergone any change in our body.. Hence, its lack of calories, nutrients, and toxicity.

If you still have doubts or want to counter with more information, there are many studies published in scientific bases with open access to the public. We encourage you to educate yourself and make sure that the food you eat every day is safe and quality.

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