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Last November Miguel Ángel Roldan, affected by ALS, managed to reach Everest Base Camp, at an altitude of 5,364 m, and launch his battle cry to claim a cure for this disease.



We tell you a little more about the project…

HimELAya is the 5th action that encompasses the project called "The 5 cries in the fight against ALS", whose objective is to give visibility to the disease and raise funds for its research. This last action, specifically, consisted of getting a person with ALS to He would reach the highest height that a person with this disease could reach and once there he would utter his battle cry, and this is what happened when Michelangelo reached Everest Base Camp.


How have we collaborated from Yuït?

When the opportunity presented itself to us, we did not hesitate to collaborate with the initiative, donating the necessary meals for the entire adventure. We are very happy to have been able to feed Miguel Ángel and the rest of the team and have given them the necessary energy to overcome this challenge.


Now it's time to close the project

On March 25th we will attend the end-of-project gala, which will be held at the Euskalduna Palace, in Bilbao.

Many thanks to all the people and organizations that have made this project possible!


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