Hola mundo ¡Somos Yuït! - Yuït

Hello world, we are Yuït!

What is Yuit?

Yuït is more than a meal, it is a experience.

Yuït is real food, 100% vegetable-based, which provides you with all the necessary nutrients for a diet plain and simple perfect.

thanks to our practical formats You can get rid of the tedious time of shopping, cooking, preparing, carrying and reheating. With Yuït you have an option with which to eat in a tris-after, healthy and... Enjoy the life!

Do not stop doing the things you really like or give up a balanced and healthy diet, become Yuiter!


What is NOT Yuït?

Yuït is not a dietary product to lose weight. With Yuït you have all the nutrients your body needs and receives with a full meal. If you don't have time, but you want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, Yuït is the solution!

Yuït is not a protein supplement to gain muscle nor a vitamin. Each Yuït product has exactly the level of protein and mix of vitamins and minerals that we should ingest daily, neither more nor less.

And the most important: Yuït is not a meal replacement, Yuït IS food. Our Yuït Powders are a selection and combination of premium powdered ingredients, and our Yuït bars incorporate an extrusion process to create the compact format of the bar. There's no more. 

It's easy: FOOD in practical formats. It tastes good, has a good texture, is chewy and is a mix of healthy ingredients to eat right out of the book! It is not presented on a plate but... open mind! It is nothing other than… FOOD! If not?

What is our mission?

At Yuït we are very clear about our mission, we do not want to give up everything that makes us enjoy the life, nor do we want to give up the pleasure of eating. Enjoy those meals with family and friends and save your Yuït moment for those days when you must focus your energy to be 100% or you are going to climb Everest.

We want to eliminate 'fast food' from our lives to turn it into ‘smart food’. Lack of time, being away from home or simply not feeling like cooking can be synonymous with a lousy diet.

We have a commitment to real and inclusive food, our ingredients are 100% natural and of plant origin, gluten-free, low in sugar, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Come on, the perfect solution!

And since we like to enjoy eating, we have worked a lot to get a soft and pleasant texture, incorporating bits of mango, blueberries, coconut, strawberry… We hope you like them as much as we do!

What is our vision?

Yuit's dream It arises at the moment in which we become aware of the amount of time we dedicate to food, from the purchase to the preparations. Do the math, how much do you dedicate?

Eating is an enormous pleasure that we must enjoy, savor and share, but sometimes it is also a procedure for which we must contribute creativity and think of solutions with less effort and better performance, adapted to our lifestyle.

In our case, we decided not to resign ourselves and spend the time that we previously spent eating unsatisfactory meals on everything that makes us happy, break the wheel.

In the search for this change we find a practical solution of healthy and fast food, appropriate to our lifestyle and the way in which we conceptualize living it.

More than just a meal

By becoming a Yuïter you will not only have more time for yourself and yours, you will also be part of our social and ecological commitment.

Our first challenges that we encourage you to join are:

  • Take our packaging to a new level.
  • Reach an energy consumption equal to 0.
  • Work only with local suppliers.

But Yuït's journey does not end here, we are non-conformists.

in our Yuït Dream Book We tell you what we want to become: internal democracy, environmental sustainability, ethical and local suppliers, and waste management are fundamental pillars of the work that lies ahead.

Will you join our adventure?

We are delighted that you are reading us. At this point you can continue with your day to day, habits and customs, or choose to try our formats and philosophy.

Either way, we welcome you! And we wish you a future full of challenges and new adventures. Enjoy your free time!

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